Astrid Deigner studied at the University of applied arts, Vienna. She is a graduate
of the local fashion department headed by Raf Simons and Veronique Branquinho.
2004 – 2009

Fuelled by her love for both male- and female apparel codes she tries to emerge in
fashion an image of intensity. By the idea of mixing up the two different bodyconstructions
in one person, the aspect of gender gets ambiguous. No more gaps do exist,
the desirebility fuses together of both sex.

The sharpness and precision of classical tailoring and sartorial craft underlines the
idea of construction. Her main interest lies on it’s history, development and use
during the time of fashion.

Images, words, sometimes certain personalities who represent an intense attitude
have a substantial role in the approach of a collection. This imagery and the challenge
of new experience are always in the foreground.

In general the look she wants to present is designed for confident, forceful
personalities who always find the balance between strength and softness.

The Sweatshirt line is a more humorous examination of a traditional garment
(the sweater) that gets transformed into a corpus with face. A healthy appreciation
of fun, playfulness and subtle irony.